Carhartts <3


KNEEL LINDQUEST, Carhartt Ambassador

   What is the most honest value for an honest dollar? Carhartt outerwear. This brand supplied the clothing for individuals on Apollo 11, so yeah, they are the best brand in the universe. Anything you need, they have. Have you ever heard of a lifetime warranty? I hadn’t either until the Carhartt president himself told me, and I quote, “Yah, these have a warranty of a lifetime.” If I haven’t yet convinced you Carhartts are amazing, then keep reading.

   Warmth, comfort, style, and versatility are all things that apply to Carhartts. You can wear your Carhartts to work, wedding’s, sleep, and school without ever being judged. It’s like wearing superman’s spandex but they aren’t tight and you won’t look like an absolute fool. Being so flexible and malleable, I have even gone to yoga practice wearing my Carhartts. I would say they are the most diverse clothing brand ever created.

   Last year, when I was in France, I saw the Queen of England wearing Carhartts. Don’t ask me why the Queen of England was in France, but she was. You can choose to believe me or not. I really don’t care. Every important person I know exclusively wears Carhartts, so why aren’t you wearing them.

   Just listen here, if you aren’t on your way to buy Carhartts right now, then just delete my number. You will never accomplish your goals without them and if you don’t understand that, then I feel bad for you. This message was sponsored by….. CARHARTTS!!!!!!!!