Favorite Memories of 2020


Wren Dougherty

January is right around the corner, meaning 2020 is finally coming to an end. Without a doubt, this year was a rollercoaster. It is important to acknowledge the positive moments scattered between the hard times. The happy moments helped us get through our struggles, so let’s look back at our favorite memories of 2020.

Last March, our varsity basketball team traveled to Anchorage for the regions tournament. In the team’s down time, a small group of boys decided to do what every normal teenage boy wants to do in his free time, get hair cuts together. The bravest of the two, junior Tommy Cronin and former teammate John Moriarty decided to shave their heads. This was Tommy’s favorite memory of the year. 

Senior Selma Casagranda’s favorite memory from this year dates all the way back to the first week of April. She woke up early, grabbed a drink from Rez Art, and raced the sun out to Lowell Point. There she sat on the empty beach, feeling like it was all hers. As the sun rose over the mountains, Selma read her book and sipped her coffee. I do not know about you, but I am relaxed just imagining this. 

As spring faded into summer, sophomore Ryker Bradford was enjoying the nice weather. Her favorite memory is exploring Seward before she moved, and sneaking in once last trip to the top of Mt. Alice. What better way to say goodbye to Seward than from the top of a mountain that looks over the whole town. 

This year, sophomore Ozzy Deel appreciated spending time with his friends. His favorite memories are hanging out with his friends, “sledding and stuff.” His first choice of sled is currently a bobsled. Unfortunately, Ozzy’s sleds often break, a struggle that is far too relatable. 

Hopefully we can look back at the positive moments scattered between the craziness of this year, and appreciate the good memories of 2020.