2020 Sled Season: Featuring Kneel Lindquist


Gunnar Davis, Snowmachine Expert

The past couple years have been brutal for snowfall here in Seward. I was starting to regret buying a new machine. I always catch myself wishing I was older, and being able to take advantage of all the great snow we used to have. By time November rolled around this year, I thought long and hard about if I should just sell both of my sleds and not ride the 2020/2021 season. But I knew that I would most likely regret it, so I hoped and prayed that it would dump snow this year.

Snowmachining is like gambling.  You can go all out on a new sled and gear and maybe only ride three times that year, or it could be killer and you could put over 1500 miles on in a year. So far this year, my gamble to keep my sleds is paying off. I’ve put over 300 miles on, and it’s not even Christmas yet. Last year, I only put in 400 miles for the whole year. It’s years like these that make you want to go blow 15 grand on a new sled, which both of my buddies did. Now I’m wishing I was one of those guys throwing gobs of money at a new one.

One major goal for me this year is to not break my sled. In years past due to lack of snow, my poor snowmachine has kissed way too many rocks and stumps. It cost me a mini fortune to keep that thing going throughout the years. It’s a serious love-hate relationship, but I’ve had some of my best moments riding with my buddies, and have yet to regret ever getting into the sport.  I’m pumped for what this year has brought so far, and I hope it just keeps on getting better from here on out.