Senior Spotlight: Max Pfeiffenberger


Wren Dougherty, interviewer

This year, Seward High has many special students graduating, among these students is Max Pfeiffenberger. This amazing athlete brought many awesome achievements to our school during his four years here. Not only is this senior top notch at sports, he is also brilliant. Max shows that hard work and determination pays off. 

When it comes to school, Max does not mess around. Between his extraordinary brain and diligent work ethic, Max excels as a student. During his sophomore year, he placed third in the state for Trig-Star–an annual math competition based on the practical application of trigonometry. Last year, as a junior, Max was an AP Scholar with honor. To achieve this award, he had to receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all of his AP exams, as well as score a 3 or higher on at least four of those exams. Max accomplished these while also participating in sports.

Sports have always been a part of Max’s life. His main areas of strength are basketball and cross-country running. In basketball, Max played on the varsity team all four years, and as a junior he was the team’s “leading scorer” according to Connor Spanos, a former teammate. Max’s team qualified for state last spring, but thanks to COVID, state was cancelled. 

Qualifying for state is not new territory for this athlete. During his cross-country seasons, he achieved this all four years. This boy is super speedy! So speedy, in fact, he placed 6th at state this fall. In the past, Max has occupied his springs by playing soccer. No matter the sport, Max works hard, pushing himself in hopes for improvement. 

Somehow, between sports, school, and a social life, Max involves himself in his community. He started “Hoops for Seward,”a youth-led project to revamp a basketball court in town. They were able to raise $80,000 to reach the goal of renovating an already existing court in town, so Seward has a usable, outdoor basketball court for public use. Thanks to Max’s vision, future generations of students will have a place to shoot hoops.