this isn’t actually fritter. just another corn snake on google images

Anevay Ambrosiani, a little bit of everything

You won’t believe it. Fritter, the most reliable snake ever, has forgot to pay his rent. Due to this unprofessional act of disrespect, Zachariah Hazard-Cureton is looking to give Fritter to a new owner. Here’s the catch. It is only for the summer. 3 months. That’s it. 3 months goes by like the wind. So, if you and your parents/guardians are looking for a cute summer pet, Fritter is right here at your disposal. Your guardian HAS to be okay with it. We don’t want anyone to sue the school or Zachariah because a student secretly brought a snake home. Lawsuits are a no-go.

For more information, visit Mr. Hazard-Cureton in his office at the end of the dungeon like anytime during the day.

*serious inquires only*