Brain Cells Are Important

Brain Cells Are Important

Nathan Hankins, Piercing poker

Have you ever been sitting in class? Well duh, we’re all students here; unless you’re an online school kid, of course. Anyways, back to the point!  When you’re sitting in class feeling bored, do you ever wish school was shorter? I know I have; here’s a great idea.  How do we feel about a four-day school week? I have many reasons why this would be amazing.

Kids who are bored actually lose brain cells, so really the next generation is going to be very dumb. The answer is clear: we should shorten school. Do YOU really want the next generation to try and launch a rocket into space with only five brain cells? That could only go wrong. Think about the bigger picture. What could happen when someone with five brain cells becomes president? That person could accidentally get us nuked OR nuke a big country that could wipe us out. I don’t know about YOU, but I know I would want to be in a safe place 80 years from now.

My other reason is that school should be a happy place. Boredom is like erosion;  the more it happens, the more our attitudes toward school get drained. By senior year, students would avoid school at all costs. Then teachers could lose their jobs because no students would be coming to school. Without teachers,  everyone would just be really, really stupid. 

In the big picture, we should make our school schedule shorter for national benefits. If not, we may not last for much longer!