2021 Swim Season


Peter Spanos, Writer

Coming off a rough season last year due to Covid, Seward swimming is finally back. The team is already off to a great start. More people have joined the swim team and are ready to start the work. They’re glad that more people joined due to the graduation of former senior Kylie Mullaly. Freshman Oliver Trobaugh and sophomore Aaron Smith were a great addition.

After five years as head coach, Meghan O’Leary stepped down, and the team welcomed Coach Solomon D’amico to that position. He said, “My expectations for the team are to have fun and try and get better. I think if each swimmer tries their best while also supporting the rest of the team, then the season will be a success.” 

For the first time ever, Seward High now has an Olympic gold medalist on the swim team. Coming back from the Olympics, Lydia’s goal for senior year is to have fun and enjoy being home with her friends. “Of course there is pressure to perform at a high level, and I will work hard to make that happen.”  But she also plans to take some time off and just be a kid as well.

Returning junior Paxton Hill adds, “My goal is to improve my technique and to get stronger.”

Freshman Oliver Trobaugh said, “My goal is to complete the daily workout with fins.” 

With a full season waiting they’re ready to excel toward their goals. With the team excited to get back into the water, Seward High swimming is off to a great start. The only home meet is on October 9th, so be sure to cheer the team on as they thrive for success. 

2021 Roster:

Seniors: Wren Dougherty, Lydia Jacoby, and Peter Spanos

Juniors: Jackson Bird, Paxton Hill

Sophomore: Ben and Nick Ambrosiani, Mia Nappi, Aaron Smith

Freshman: Oliver Trobaugh