Getting Ready For A Sendy Winter


Trevor Guernsey, Pro Sled Breaker

     Summer has been nice; however, I am excited for the snow to fly. Having all your winter toys and gear ready makes winter more enjoyable. 

     If you ride a sled, I would recommend topping off your oil and gas and firing it up to make sure it is running well. It is also a good idea to check your idler wheels, track tension, chaincase fluid, hyfax and carbides to make sure they are up to snuff. To prevent snowmobile ruining, grease your zerks. Another part that should be checked is your belt, and don’t forget to make sure you have a good spare. It is recommendable to give your sled an exquisite wash on a nice fall day before the snow flies. 

     Safety gear is really important to have if you are traveling in avalanche terrain. Does your beacon work, and do you know where your shovel and probe are located? Brushing up on the dangers of avalanches and ways to avoid them is crucial. You don’t want to end your ride in a body bag.

      Washing your snow gear if you haven’t already is a recommendable idea, as well as making sure it fits. If you need some winter gear, now is an excellent time to buy. Many stores and websites are still running summer sales. has winter. inexpensive and high quality products.

     The last thing to do is to hope for deep powder, humongous sends and a safe winter.