2021 Football Season


Peter Spanos, Writer

With the 2021 Football season already underway, the team has already played three of the five scheduled games. The games were cancelled due to Covid. This year, more freshmen joined– enough people for a JV team.


Captains help create leadership and mentor the other players on the team: Tommy Cronin, Fayzon Lawrence, Kekoa Albino, and James Milburn. “It pushes me to do my best and set a good example for my teammates. It fills me with admiration to see how they have grown as players, and good hope for the next group of players,” Milburn says. 


The Seahawks put a lot of grit in their last games. Despite their losses, there is always a time to thrive. “We need to improve on tackling if we want to win more games,” Cronin says. 

Friday, September 10th, the Seahawks got the W!! They played a close game and were able to secure the bag against the Nikiski Bulldogs. With a score of 28-26. 

This past weekend, the guys played Valdez and got their second win of the season. The score was ridiculous, 54-50 Seward winning in the last 11 seconds of the game!! Quarterback Tommy Cronin had seven touchdowns, throwing three and running for four. Brett Gilmore, Landen DeRoos and Noah Price each had one receiving touchdown. Kupono Albino also had a touchdown and a couple of two point conversions too. The offense was on fire this game! 

Sophomore Kupono Albino says, “I like to run the ball and truck people, along with blindside hitting people even if I get called for it.”

Freshman Tyler Lands says, “I like to break through the offensive line and tackle the quarterback for a sack. Being a freshman, there is more responsibility of doing my job on the team and keeping my grades up.”

Their next game will be homecoming on October 1st. Wish them luck as they take on the Nikiski Bulldogs!


Seniors: Tommy Cronin, James Milburn, Fazyon Lawrence, Kekoa Albino, Daniel Correa, Marcus Lastimosa, Aiden Rodriguez

Juniors: Jacob Milligan

Sophomores: Kupono Albino, John VanBuskirk, Judah Brueckner, Gideon Schrock, Landen DeRoos

Freshmen: Aidan Schilling, Hunter Kurtz, Noah Price, Jack Gardner, Tyler Lands, Noah Bird, Ronan Bickling, Brett Gilmore, Leland Monaco