Student Spotlight with Grant Hinders


Nikoya Wallace, student spotlight writer

Grant Hinders is a very fascinating person with a lot of interests, but there are two subjects of study he is more passionate about. 

In sixth grade, he was introduced to music in Mr. Barnwell’s class. Having been in that class, he has aspired to pursue music and take any possible music class that he can. He began to play alongside other people who were just as passionate to create music as him. Those people include Selma Casagranda, a former student at Seward high school, and Lydia Jacoby, a senior. 

Grant has not put any of his music out to the public because, and I quote, “I don’t really have a finished product, you know?” However, he is going to release a song, hopefully, says his father, Mr. Hinders. He recently introduced me to his YouTube channel; Kaybay is the name if you want to check it out.

Other than music, Grant is also interested in photography. He is currently working on creating a photography class that he would lead as a student teacher next year. Though, his interest in photography is not as largely pursued as his interest in creating music.