Modified-Bus Sled Hauler?


Trevor Guernsey, Sendy Sledder

Modified-Bus Sled Hauler?

     The best way to haul sleds has boggled the snowmobiling world since its inception. From trailers to school buses, there have been many designs over the years.

     The conventional ways to haul sleds include trailers, in the back of a pickup, on sled decks, and flatbed pickups. The popular trailer designs include 2-, 3,- 4- and 6-place trailers. A common choice is to use whatever type of trailer you already have.  Another popular option is sled decks; unfortunately, you generally need a three-quarter to one-ton pickup. Using a half-ton pickup could end with you in a ditch; however, trailers are a safer option to get you to your zone in one piece. 


     Sled decks are extremely convenient due to a much smaller footprint in parking lots and more capable off-road. Loading your sled in your pickup is an excellent option if you’re just hauling one sled, and flatbed pickup trucks are also a neat choice. One more option I have seen is a modified school bus to haul your sleds.

     I personally like the sled deck the most because of the small footprint and better offroading capability. My second choice would be the two-place trailer for my sleds because I rarely ever carry more than two sleds.. I find the school bus option neat, although I personally would not want that setup because I don’t normally ride with that big of a crew.

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