My Favorite Sled


Trevor Guernsey, Sendy Sledder

     I have contemplated the loaded question of what my favorite sled is for eons. I  have finally come to the conclusion that it is  a Skidoo Tundra 250. 

     I have put thousands of miles on Ski Doo Tundra 250s with many good memories. They are quite reliable, with the exception of the tracks; these often  deteriorate after about 30 years of straight mobbing. I am not a fan of the front bumpers either, as they tend to bend quite easily when brush-bashing and the occasional close- relations with spruce trees. 

     I am confident in the capabilities of the mighty Tundra as I have ripped through waist-deep pow and climbed higher than I should have on hardpack. Tundras are fan- cooled, making it easy to rip hard on concrete-like snow while your buddies are continuously overheating with their water-cooled sleds. Storage is not a hassle on the Tundras, due to stock tunnel racks and a little tool box under the hood.

     Tundras get phenomenal gas mileage, which is a plus due to the current crippling gas prices. A full day of ripping takes only about four gallons of precious gas on these machines. They are also a more economical option when getting into snowmobiling because nice specimens are going for about two thousand dollars these days. 

     The Skidoo Tundra will always be my favorite snowmobile at heart; however, I am sure I will ride mountain sleds more and more often, but the mighty Tundra will always reign superior.