Senior Spotlight with Hannah Schilling


Genna DeRoos, Staff Writer

Hannah Schilling, also known as senior class representative, enjoys hanging out with her friends, family, and her dog Winnie. Hannah also loves helping others and hopes to use that characteristic of hers in future career options. 

After graduation, Hannah plans on attending college. She is still deciding, but is leaning towards Fort Lewis. Some of the career options she is interested in are Acupuncturist (alternative medicine), kindergarten or first grade teacher, and a rolfer. Hannah is leaning more towards furthering her education in being a rolfer. She is very passionate about helping people in many ways, one being their bodies by living pain- free using natural methods. 

Some facts about Hannah is that she is afraid of throwing up, spiders, and being alone. When asked What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say?, her response was, “Take more time for yourself.”  When I heard that, I took it as a lesson for everyone because we all need a break from reality every once and a while. I also asked Who do you sometimes compare yourself to? Her response was, “The beauty standards of things.” Recently Hannah painted something good that she is proud of because “it didn’t look like trash,” and she also has been on top of all her work! Hannah would eventually like to make it somewhere much warmer, maybe on a beach where she can get a nice tan.

If Hannah got to say one thing for an incoming freshman to hear, it would be “School goes by super quick. Try to cherish the little things and enjoy being young and a kid. Don’t try to grow up super quick.” 

Hannah has some exciting goals set for the future, and I among all of her peers are excited to see what her first adventure looks like. Good luck, Hannah.