Alyeska vs Ski Land


Trevor Guernsey, Sendy Skier

     Alaska is blessed with awesome snow and seven ski resorts across the state; however, I will only be comparing Ski Land and Alyeska. 

     Alyeska–a destination ski resort located about 30 miles south of Anchorage–is home to North America’s longest double black diamond run and one of the top six hardest runs in North America. It offers four lifts, two magic carpets, and a tram spread across 1610 skiable acres with an average annual snowfall of 643 inches. It also has a multitude of restaurants, a daylodge, and an extremely nice hotel.

     Skiers driving 20 miles north of Fairbanks will find North America’s northern-most ski lift at Ski Land. It consists of one lift, a magic carpet, a daylodge, a restaurant and 530 skiable acres. Fairbanks’ frigid climate makes it conducive to the powder many skiers prefer, and Ski Land staff are very kind and personable.

     I really enjoy Alyeska due to the many single and double black diamond runs and bottomless pow days. Ski Land is an exquisite ski resort that has beautiful vistas and super fluffy powder, which is a blast.

     My favorite runs at Alyeska are Christmas Chute due to being challenging, the North Face, and Silvertip since they have the best powder. My favorite runs at Ski Land are Walrus due to being extremely steep, and I enjoy Magnifico because of the cool tree skiing.

     Alyeska has better skiing in my opinion, but it is quite expensive with adult full-day full-mountain lift tickets going for $100 during prime, and not much cheaper midweek. Alyeska rentals are $45. Ski Land adult day passes are $40 and rentals $30. 

     In my personal comparison, Alyeska is better for sendy savages with Ski Land offering tamer terrain. 


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