The Beginning of an Era


spring fever

Aaron Dean Smith, Staff Writer

The end of the year is approaching, and we are all very busy. I frantically searched for volunteers to help us take a look at the past year with some of your favorite students. 

First, we have Wally Wallace, a talented freshman. I sat down with him and asked some questions, such as What was your favorite class? He said, “Pre-Calc, it was super fun learning about trigonometric identities!” I had then asked if his expectations of the high school were correct; he responded with “I had no expectations and was still disappointed… That’s a joke.” To round it off, I had one final question: What are your general thoughts on the school year? He pondered this question for a moment, but, after a beat, he said, “It was a really pleasant school year. We got to do a lot of fun stuff near the end. Looking forward to next school year.” A small amount of insight was given to me from a freshman, but what about our seniors? This is their final year here. What are they thinking? 

I wandered the school a little longer until I stumbled into the former president of the student council and graduating senior Rowan Bean. I crouched down as she hung up streamers for graduation. Any favorite memories for senior year? “Homecoming of this year!” How were your former years of Seward High School? “They have been a challenge for sure, but I have learned a lot.” Lastly, I wanted a piece of advice that can be passed down. She eloquently put “Know when to say no, and balance your pallet of activities. Don’t take on too much.” I took this to heart and began the prowl, once more. This time I ventured to find the more overlooked classes of the school, the juniors, and sophomores. 

I had spotted one. Sam Insalaco was sitting at the top of the stairs, so I plopped myself down and started chatting. She was the perfect sophomore candidate being the student of the month and awarded excellence in our L.A class. I queried: Was sophomore year better than freshman year?  “Yeah, my sophomore year was put together due to our new principal.” Read any good books? “We read a lot of good books this year. My favorite was Animal Farm by George Orwell, because of its deep analogies.” One final question, How do you feel about being a junior next year? “It’s going to be weird being an upperclassman.” I got up and stalked off to chemistry class to find a junior. 

Walking in, I saw Teak Barhaug. He was the newest president of the student council and president of the Iron Mountain chapter of FFA. He is an active and vibrant member of the Seahawk community and a great representative of the junior class. I swung a stool over and prompted a question. What was running for president like? He told me it was confusing but fun. Okay then, how did you manage so many activities? You seem to be doing twenty things at once! “I managed my time efficiently and really effective communication helps,” I asked for a piece of advice that could apply to everyone taking on so many different things. He told me, “Understand what you’re getting yourself into, and definitely get help when you need it.” I understand that more than I’d like to admit. 

To round off the year, I have a few choice words. Decisions will be presented at every turn of your life, and my greatest mistake was being indecisive. There is always a decision.  Decisions don’t always feel good, but they’re worth it. Learn from me: make decisions, and don’t look back.