Is Gore Tex Worth It?


Trevor Guernsey, Pro Sled Breaker


     Gore-Tex is a revolutionary technology that has been an industry leader in innovation and the premier waterproofing for high-end outerwear since 1976. The typical folks who purchase are avid outdoor enthusiasts and not scared of a little rain.

     Gore-Tex technology is a membrane of stretched teflon which is hydrophobic and airpermable, which makes it breathable and waterproof. This occurs because Gore-Tex is sandwiched between two layers of material to protect it from contaminants and oils. Another advantage is the stretched teflon has pores that are too small to let water in; however, the pores are big enough that sweat vapor will escape. 

     Gore-Tex was invented in 1976 by Bob Gore, but the patent expired in 1997. There are a few promising competitors, yet they lack the heritage and household name of Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is used in a myriad of brands; nevertheless, Gore-Tex personally tests every product before they are released. They even have a storm simulator called the Storm Cube.

     Gore-Tex and its competitors have had a rocky past on the environmental front due to their manufacturing processes being harmful to the environment and workers. There is a fascinating name for the sickness “teflon flu”; however, Gore-Tex and its competitors have tweaked the process to prevent harsh environmental concerns. For people who worry about the environment, here is the question: Would you rather use one jacket for ten years, or use three jackets in that time that will end up in a landfill?









     Gore-Tex equipped products, such as outerwear, shoes, and gloves, run a premium at the checkout; nonetheless, they provide high performance and reliable protection for the avid nature fighter. I would recommend shelling out some blue Benjis on some quality kit that will last for years to come.