Wheeling and Dealing


Trevor Guernsey, Pro Sled Breaker

     Facebook is a wildly popular social media platform owned by an eccentric dude. However, I will be discussing the pros and cons of a popular feature: Facebook Marketplace. 

     Facebook was founded in 2004 by a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook Marketplace, was established in 2016 and has been well-liked since its inception. It’s a very diverse platform of listings with everything from snowmobiles to the kitchen sink. 

     I spend a humongous amount of time scrolling Marketplace though, I do genuinely buy and sell items. I have sold two snowmobiles and bought two pairs of skis, purchased outdoor apparel, and a few snowmobile parts on this site. In my experience, the items are inexpensive when compared to what a person would have paid at a store. Another advantage is that you can buy discontinued items because most items for sale are used.

     A few cons of Marketplace exist; an example is sometimes having to travel vast distances to get to where the item is listed. One more potential disadvantage I would postulate is that you are much more likely to get shanked doing Marketplace deals than in-store shopping. The people selling items on Marketplace are not vetted like folks at stores.

     I, personally, have yet to have a bad experience with Marketplace. I grilled some of my buddies and they said some things to look out for: “people think they have gold, but it’s garbage”. Another quote from a fellow marketplace user, “be on the lookout for bob bib and bib bob.”

     I find selling on Marketplace a pretty good experience, except for the lowballers (I myself might be considered one) asking for a super low price, and everybody and their dog asking if your listing is still available. 

     I utilize Marketplace for its ease of use and diverse items that I might like to purchase. However, I would caution new users to do their due diligence and make sure they are not overpaying. A quick look at the profile of the seller will typically glean if they are a legit account. Safe shopping!