Senior Spotlight With Aly Guernsey


Emily Anger, Journalist

Aly Guernsey is a student of many talents. In addition to being involved in many clubs, Aly enjoys running, skiing and baking. She is a member of journalism, FFA and music club, as well as being student council secretary, and president of the sewing club–all of which keeps her very busy. She says at times it can be overwhelming, but in the end it’s worth doing what you love. This year, she particularly enjoyed spending time with her cross-country running team and traveling to Indiana with FFA.
Aly has so many exciting hopes and dreams for her future. She plans to attend college at Montana State University or Eastern Washington University, to get her degree in music technology or production. After college, she wants to move to New York to pursue her passion of being a singer/songwriter. After growing up in the tiny town of Moose Pass, she can’t wait to experience the big city.
At first, Aly struggled to figure out what she wanted to do in the future, and it wasn’t until her junior year that she felt she was on the right path. She said it really helped to focus on some of her interests when she was younger to see if she actually enjoyed them. Once she figured out what she didn’t want to do, it made things a lot clearer.
Aly is going to miss the small classes of Seward High School; she mentioned, “Everyone is willing to help you along the way.” We talked about how nice it is to know people from your school on a more personal level.
Her advice to the freshmen is to try new things even if you don’t feel capable. According to this senior, it’s really important to do your own thing and not always follow your friends because you are on your own path. If you take advantage of what’s available, there is the possibility of meeting new people and having new experiences.