Friends of the Extracurriculars/Sports

Creeanna Whitcome, Staff Editor

Dear SHS Today,

I just moved here and was wondering what would be the best sports/extracurriculars to participate in to make friends.



Dear Anonymous,

Being new at school is tough at any age, especially high school. Getting through it is easier and more fun with friends, and there are plenty of people at this school who would love to be friends with newcomers, just like you. The key is to branch out, and extracurriculars are a fantastic way of doing so.

This quarter is almost over and most sports are coming to an end, while many clubs are just starting. However, if you are more athletic, wrestling is just beginning and the fall sports will be nearing in November with skiing, basketball, and cheerleading. For those who are looking for an intellectual activity,DDF, Battle of the Books, Student Council, NHS, Music Collective, and Outdoors Club are all within their first meetings. These activities are always happy to welcome a new perspective and talent.

Finding a place in school with people you connect with involves common ground, and in the case of being a new student, the common ground is an extracurricular/sport.When I started as a freshman in a new, scary school, activities helped me branch out, make friends, and learn new things, all of which have given me a skill set I wouldn’t be able to obtain any other way.

Welcome and enjoy the activities and clubs our school has to offer; they are here to help you!


SHS Today

Creeanna Whitcome (Staff Editor)

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