Senior Spotlight-Paxton Hill


Gracie Russell, Writer

Seward High has been home to some amazing athletes in various sports, one of whom is senior Paxton Hill, who plans on swimming for a south-western Oregon college next fall. He hopes to live in Texas, his home state, for a few years after his schooling. He explained how he “also want[s] to end up back in Alaska” after he’s done with his academics and athletics. 

One of his biggest inspirations in his swimming career was “Lydia Jacoby and seeing how far she made it in her profession from being in the Tsunami Swim Club.” While Pax’s enjoyment of swimming is very prominent, he also described the many challenges that he had to overcome. Keeping the incentive to swim is “usually the biggest problem [he] runs into.” However, these setbacks in motivation ultimately helped him “find a new outlook and positive mindset.” Along  with the support of his team and coach, Pax has been able to continue striving in his swimming career. 

Some of his biggest accomplishments at his time at Seward High School were getting second at state, first at regions, swimmer of the year, and first in a relay at state. Before his senior year, Pax didn’t really have an idea of what he wanted to do for college. After his accomplishments, he realized that swimming would be a good path for his future. 

Even though one of Pax’s main passions is being in the water, he also enjoys “biking, hiking, running, camping, and being outside in nature as a whole.” Pax explained how “[his] mom was really big on the outdoors and exposed [him] to nature at a young age.” 

Some of Pax’s favorite experiences at Seward High School were “being able to travel for sports and student council.” Although swimming was his main sport, he also participated in “track and field, nordic skiing, and [was] also a representative in student council.” 

After being a big part of Seward High School, Pax encourages underclassmen to “try new things like sports, clubs, and class subjects,” since these were some of his biggest inspirations leading up to his future plans. Even though Pax is looking forward to his time in Texas and Oregon, he’s “going to miss the community and people in Seward.”