Seward High School End of Year Recap 2023


Emily Anger, Journalist

Seward High School had an extremely eventful school year. It ranged from huge sports victories to “enchanted” dances. In this article, we will reflect on this past year and recall some of our favorite moments. We will also hear from SHS’s own staff and students on their opinions and current plans for the upcoming summer.

Freshman Maddie Haas mentioned that her highlight of the year occurred back in the fall of 2022 during the XC running season. She enjoyed the warm fall air and the colorful leaves. The XC team had a small yet dedicated team. Seward’s girls varsity team ended up taking first place at state, creating a cherished memory for each and every team member. This summer, Maddie is really excited to join the travel club on their upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

Sophomore Ava Pullins loved watching the sunrises with her classmates this year. She looked forward to the colorful pinks and oranges that filled the sky most mornings. She particularly liked when her teachers would take her class outside to enjoy the moment of bliss. She enjoyed being able to take pictures of the pretty sky with her friends. Ava is really looking forward to getting her license this summer. 

Freshman Oliva Jones said that her favorite part of the school year was establishing new relationships within the school. As time passed, she began to make better connections with her teachers and classmates, gaining new mentors along the way. Olivia will miss everyone over the summer but is looking forward to seeing them next year. This summer, Olivia is working for the park service and is super excited to meet people and have new experiences.

Mr. Hemstock said his favorite part of the year was his second-hour Spanish class and his lunchtime. He mentioned how much he appreciated his students’ different personalities. He really looked forward to having conversations with them each morning. Every day, Mr. Hemstock would meet with his teacher friends to share snacks and talk. The only rule was that they weren’t allowed to discuss work, which led to some fun and unique conversations.

Sophomore Gracie Russell appreciated every minute spent with her friends. She loved their company and looked forward to seeing them every morning. She also enjoyed having conversations with her teachers, especially her science chats with Mr. Hemstock and Ms. Leslie. Gracie is working for the park service for the second summer in a row. She is thrilled to get to “work outside and be in nature.”

Mr. Hinders said he’s been enjoying the last part of the school year in particular. He mentioned how exciting it is to watch the seniors get ready for graduation. He has been a teacher to many of them, so seeing them prepare to receive a diploma feels extra special. Mr. Hinders is extremely ready to see some sunshine this summer. While he will miss his students, he can’t wait for the break to begin. 

Freshman Mikinley Williams commented that her favorite part of the year was socializing in Mr. Hinders’s language arts class. She especially enjoyed sitting in the hallway with her friends while completing homework. Mikinley is excited to excited travel to Arizona with her volleyball team this summer. 

With that, we say a bittersweet goodbye to the 2022–2023 school year. While this year didn’t come without challenges, I think it’s safe to say we each gained something from the past year at Seward High School. Congratulations to all of the High School graduates! I hope everyone has a restful and fun summer break!