Wrestling: A Sport for Anybody

Kendyl Morris, Staff Editor

With our fall sports coming to a close, wrestling season has just started to roll in. So far, they have traveled to Barrow (now named Utqiaġvik), Glennallen, and Valdez as an awesome start to the season. The Frostbite Tournament in Barrow combined wrestling with a cultural experience. The team toured this village to see all the unique characteristics; they even took a dip into the Arctic Ocean.  

Wrestling is one of my favorite sports, and I particularly enjoy spending time with such a great group of people. As the wrestling manager, I get the privilege to travel with the team. Throwdown in Snowtown in Valdez is a personal favorite tournament for me. A variety of teams come together for exciting wrestling matches. The tournament was on October 21st and 22nd, near Halloween time. Valdez Parks and Recreation take advantage of this opportunity by opening a haunted house during the same weekend. Many teams and a few coaches participate in this event. The cost to get in is by donation, which is suggested to be three dollars. However, money means nothing to the amount of fun it is to watch the wrestlers race each other through the haunted house. If you’re like me who is not fond of being scared, there’s also a Teen and Youth Center in Valdez, very similar to the one located here. These are just examples of the exciting additions to being a part of the wrestling team, aside from the sport itself.

Ronn Hemstock has been the coach of the wrestling team for many years. He states his favorite part about wrestling is “working with the kids.” In fact, he is most excited about the regional meet. This meet determines the wrestlers’ chances at state, so everybody hits the mat, showcasing their perfected favorite moves. Hemstock claims this meet shows the growth within each wrestler, and seeing how much the team has improved is one of the best parts about regions.

Wrestling is an independent sport when it comes down to records and placement within tournaments. However, anyone who has been on the Seahawk wrestling team can agree we are a family — and Coach Hemstock is never shy to remind us. Each member is there to help anyone who needs it, whether it involves eligibility or performance on the mat. Best of all, anyone can become a member of this family. The coaching staff encourages anyone who is interested to join the team at any time, even now. Just get on the mat, and the coaches will be happy to teach you some takedown techniques.