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The Student News Site of Seward High School

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The Student News Site of Seward High School

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Ford-F150 Raptor vs. Ram TRX


What the Truck?

Full-size pickup trucks are getting out of hand! Pickup trucks have roots in utility and plainness. However, since their inception in the early 20th century, the market has changed drastically. There are four incredible options to choose from in the high-performance off-road 1500’s segment.

Often thought of as the father of this consumer segment, the Ford F-150 Raptor is the cream of the crop in the heritage lane. The Ford F-150 started out sporting a throaty V-8 that put an impressive 411 horsepower to the flywheel. It was an immediate success because of the high horsepower, quality off-road suspension, and tasteful looks. Ford has manufactured a total of three generations thus far. This year is an exciting time for the Raptor lineup, due to the addition of the Raptor R packing over 700hp. 

The Ram Trx is Dodge’s answer to Ford’s Raptor. Its model run is 2021-24 and will unfortunately soon meet its maker. Although its last year is imminent, it is imperative to mention in this conversation because it’s the Raptors only serious competition. The TRX is a 702 hp monster that looks as sleek as a Maybach. The noteworthy items are the Hellcat motor, high performance suspension, excellent looks, and a dialed interior. The renowned motor is able to produce such stout horsepower numbers because of the supercharger that is fitted from the factory. All in all, it’s a ridiculously high horsepower 1500 pickup truck.

Chevy’s top-of-the-line Silverado, known as the ZR2, has a fire-breathing 6.2 liter Ecotec motor. The ZR2 is a spiced-up Silverado that boasts improved suspension and better off-road capability. The 6.2 liter puts out a well-rounded 420 horsepower and is not terribly more than the standard motors offered in their lower trims. Essentially, the ZR2 is the highest trim level Silverado that has a respectable amount of horsepower and boasts improved off-road performance. 

The Toyota Tundra is in the conversation, due to having an off-road focused, high-powered model. With the help of some hybrid technology it puts out a blistering 437 horsepower. The Tundra TRD Pro has luxury, power, and off-road capabilities putting it in the running. The looks of the Tundra were recently redignied giving it a fresh physique. The Tundra is the least crazy in any of the segments, but well-rounded in all of them.

The top contender in the power segment is the TRX, with the Raptor R close behind. The ZR2 is the answer if you’re a diehard Chevy guy and you want to have a fast and capable offroader. The Toyota fits the bill for being the most reliable with an unblemished heritage of offering the most reliable trucks on the market. A note on the truck market: the industry has unfortunately been shooting itself in the foot (reliability wise) to appease increasing emissions standards. 

I personally would purchase the Ford Raptor R if I were looking for high horsepower and stunning looks, but get a new one before the warranty expires. I would choose the Toyota if I were looking for a tamer truck and reliability was a consideration.






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1000 HP HELLCAT RAM TRX // MAMMOTH 1000;0.167xw,0&resize=1200:*


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