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The Student News Site of Seward High School

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The Student News Site of Seward High School

SHS Today

Electric Trucks: The Downfall Of Society


The Downfall of Society

Electric trucks have hit the market with a buzz, boasting impressive specs and environmental cleanliness. Being a fan of automobiles, I try to keep up to date on my knowledge, and I have a few observations on electric trucks to share. 

Pickup trucks are very popular worldwide, due to the endless utility of their design. A few advantages to the design include possessing a bed to move cargo, typically higher tow capability, and offroad ability. Trucks historically have been lacking in technological advancements that cars experience because they are meant to be rugged and reliable. 

Electric trucks are similar to normal trucks besides being electric. They often boast fast 0-60 times, but are they really utilitarian? They are capable of towing similar amounts as their gas counterparts, moving cargo, and offroading with the best. Some of the more popular models include: F-150 Lighting, Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian, Hummer and many others. Another pro to electric trucks is that you can often get a tax credit for purchasing one.
Downsides to electric trucks are numerous with the chief being the range is not near its dinosaur-driven forefathers. Most electric trucks have between two to four hundred miles of range, and take between one hour to over ten hours to recharge their batteries. Another disadvantage is the purchase price, which is vastly more expensive compared to their fossil-fuel brethren. In addition, I have had the experience of using a battery-powered screw gun in the cold, and found firsthand that batteries are less efficient as the temperature drops. So, if you live in Alaska in the winter, you should expect a diminished range, to some degree.  

Electric vehicles are thought to be environmentally friendly due to having no tailpipe emissions; however, that does not tell the whole story. Electric vehicles are plugged in and the power comes from the US power grid, which is only 20% renewable energy. With this in mind, these vehicles are still creating emissions, as well as a lower life expectancy than a comparable gas or diesel vehicle due to batteries being less replaceable than conventional motors. Electric vehicles need a vast amount of conflict minerals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt, which a conventional vehicle would not need. A pro tip to those who want to be environmentally friendly, purchase one car and keep it for the rest of your life. Replacing your car every ten years takes a lot of energy and resources to manufacture.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I love to comment on the current automotive industry. I am an avid user of gas and diesel trucks, and I hope to continue that for a very long time. To be frankly honest, there will never be a comparison between an electric truck and deleted Duramax doing a pull, the sound of a turbo spooling, the motor screaming, and recycling dinosaurs in a fury of black smoke.  However, electric trucks could be advantageous to some applications that are different than mine. Still, I peer forward with tears in my eyes, observing as a bystander, while the truck industry continues to “evolve.”

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