The Fear of Presenting

Kendyl Morris, Staff Editor

Dear SHS Today,

Presentations are a nightmare for me, and I am starting to realize you do A LOT in high school! How do I get over this anxiety before finals?



Dear Anonymous,

Anyone can agree there’s a big discomfort in presenting in front of a class. Always remember, everyone staring at you during the presentation has felt the same! Dealing with this anxiety all has to do with who you are. Some techniques will work better than others, so I suggest trying each one and finding your best fit.

Practice makes perfect, and perfection calms the nerves. A day before you present, try running over the presentation. This works best if you have a friend watching to give positive encouragement and tips for improvement. If you find trouble memorizing key points, make note cards to guide you. After a few times of repeating the presentation, it’ll become easier to remember what to say when getting up to present.

Once you become more comfortable with your presentation, begin to imagine your classmates in front of you. Imagine bored, angry, or upset expressions. If this spikes your nervousness, practice relaxation techniques. As you take deep breaths, try to picture happier faces. The more you repeat this process, the more confident you’ll feel. This trains your body how to relax when under anxiety during the presentation.

Treating your body well the day of the presentation is very important. Sleeping and eating well can keep your mind from being anxious. Keep your anxiety levels as low as possible that day to increase the chances of not experiencing nervousness during the presentation. Meditation, yoga, or muscle relaxation can all benefit. If you haven’t found a good relaxation technique of your own, try the Calm Clinic (

Don’t worry too much over presentations; life is too short. Remember that the rest of your classmates will be presenting, as well. In a few months, everyone will forget those little things you messed up on. High school is full of great opportunities, and I hope presentations will no longer hold you back.


SHS Today

Kendyl Morris (Staff Editor)

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