Student Spotlight: William Storle

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Student Spotlight: William Storle

Jack Gunter, Staff Writer

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Although he’s a very well-known student around Seward High, not much is known about the gregarious William Storle. Sure we’ve all talked to him, but perhaps we haven’t paid enough attention in those interactions. The world is William’s audience, and he’s finally coming to stage.

William is best described as an attention-grabber. From his bold fashion choices and prodigious projects to his charity, he catapults himself into the spotlight. This isn’t to say he was always like that. In fact, William had quite the average childhood. He grew up on the outskirts of town and played in the forest with friends until his family was forced to move into town. It was around this time that he got his first pet.

All three of William’s dogs have been pit-bull rescues. Daisy was the first animal William latched onto, and he highly valued her friendship during elementary school. William’s next dog was named Lily. She was born into an abusive environment that resulted in the loss of her tail. Luckily, William’s family rescued her, and they were able to foster her until Lily went to a family in Anchorage.

According to William, one of his greatest strengths is his expansive imagination. He’s used this to his advantage in many situations throughout his life. For example, he has built a blast furnace by himself using a metal pan. He used this to create small plastic toys out of metal and plastic containers.

He’s also used his creativity to create numerous works of art in the Seward High art class. One of these was a unique snake vase which depicted two snakes wrapped around a ceramic vessel.

Lastly, William is the ideas man for a mod emulator, which he does with his friend Coulter. Although Coulter does most of the programming, William is the backbone of the venture.

William doesn’t get enough credit for the impact he has on society. He rescues pit-bulls that have nowhere else to go, he uses his creativity to make wonderful displays of artistic ingenuity, and, quite frankly, he’s exciting to be around.