Science Fair Extravaganza

Sophia Dow, Staff Writer

In the Seward High School gym May 7th, Mr. Cureton’s Physical Science classes held their first science fair. Students created experiments with the purpose of learning the scientific process: question, hypothesis, test, observation, analysis, and conclusion. Over a period of two weeks, they constructed experiments and created poster board presentations depicting their projects. Nearly 20 different presentations lined the gym.

One of the many interesting projects was created by Marisa Phasomsap. Phasomsap wanted to study the effect pollution has on the environment. She conducted several trials in which she put different amounts of soap in plants and measured their growth. Nearly all the plants with soap died.

Levi DeBoard wanted to “study how different climates affect plants.” To do this, he imitated climates by introducing plants to more or less light depending on the temperature of the climate. He found that plants exposed to more light experienced higher growth rates, as his hypothesis supported.

Living in a rainy climate inspired Linda Jack to construct her project around the question “does weather affect mood?” She created surveys in which she asked participants to rate how much their mood changes, on a scale of one to ten, depending on sun, rain, and snow. The survey resulted in high averages, meaning that the average person’s mood is affected by the weather.