What Does Your Favorite Quarantine Activity Say About You?


Sophia Dow and Shelby Sieminski

Now that everyone is stuck at home, people are starting to resort to picking up some new hobbies and activities. Whether it be cooking or gaming, your quarantine activities say a lot about what type of person you are. Compiled below is the ultimate list of quarantine pastimes and what they say about you. 


    1. Wearing Jeans

It is proven by the FFA that if you participate in the heinous act of wearing jeans during quarantine you are hungry for attention, and you want to feel like your life is as normal as possible. You don’t care about yourself or personal comfort, but you do care about your appearance. Although you are trapped inside the house, your vain or insecure tendencies are still causing you to try to impress anyone around you bbg you’re fam still loves you and values your beauty in sweats/leggings. Your astrology sign is probably Gemini.


     2. Let’s keep the ball rolling and talk about the psychos that are still wearing makeup, doing their hair and shaving. 

For all the eligible bachelors reading this, baby boy, we love your hair just how it is. There’s no need to waste hair gel on your new quarantine girlfriend. Hate to break it to you, but she is only talking to you because she is bored. Don’t waste your precious time trying to look fresh when she only wants entertainment.  

This is for all the beauty queens out there. Hair and makeup can be a time consuming thing and now you have all the time in the world. But honestly honey boo bah, don’t kill your hair with that hot iron and clog all those pores with gobs of Maybelline foundation. All the makeup in the world can’t cover the disappointment on your face due to missing your last chance to dance with the senior student athlete at prom. Take a chill pill. 


    3.Going on 10+ Walks A Day

There’s no nice way to say it, but walking this much is a cry for help; you’re bored and lazy. You have tried every other hobby and activity, and you weren’t good at any of them, so you’ve resorted to walking. Yes, it might be a nice way to get away, or a pleasant way to spend time with your family, but no one needs to go on this ungodly, disgusting amount of walks. If you really wanted to get physical activity, you would go on a run or bike ride. You are probably someone’s mom trying to get to 10,000 steps on her Fitbit. 


    4. Waking Up Early 

Listen, your effort is appreciated. You’re trying to make the most out of your day, and create some healthy habits, and that’s impressive. But let’s be real– why are you actually doing this? School doesn’t start till 10:00 am, and none of you student athletes can go to the weight room at 6:00 am anymore. If you’re waking up at the same time you did during school, you’re probably just searching for some normalcy. Waking up early is most-likely comforting because it reminds you of pre-quarantine life. This isn’t the worst habit, but don’t be afraid to sleep in a little… everyone else is. Just try it! All your friends are! Don’t be the odd one out; don’t be a weenie head! C’mon just do it! What… are you scared?!


    5. Wearing Masks While Driving

Yes, there are literally people wearing masks while driving down the road. If you’re one of these freaks, you’re probably a victim of the American soap opera we call “the news.” We’re all for wearing masks, but you don’t need to wear them at home or in your car. The corona virus isn’t hitch hiking or sitting in the booster seat. The best way to enjoy your once a day outing is to make it stress free. So don’t stress yourself out over nothing, and let yourself breathe while driving through the Safeway parking lot. If you are reading this and still wearing your homemade mask, you are addicted to suffocating yourself and cooking your lungs– and YOU NEED HELPPP!


    6. Your Screen Time Has Gone Through The Roof

If your screen time is 12+ hours, I have mad respect. Personally, I feel sick after looking at a screen for too long and get mondo headaches. Honestly, though, you need to relax. The weather is nice, and there are other things you can do with your life/day. Get creative…and I’m not talking about Minecraft or Roblox! I’m talking about doing something off the phone, off the TV, off electronics. Trust me, you will feel better 😉 and you can keep your snap score from making you look like a massive attention seeker.


    7. Cooking New Recipes

Wow, you are most-likely a pretty creative person, or the cake boss, or you are in Mr.Hemstock’s cooking class. Either way, your family definitely appreciates you unless your recipes taste like swamp food. As long as you don’t use all the stockpiled food, this is a pretty healthy use of time, and a great way to learn a new skill. And lets be real… y’all could use some skills.

    8. Working out

Okay, I see you with those Instagram workouts. I see you trying to get some curves. Trying to get swole. The reality is that working out fills the never ending meaningless hours of your day. You are awesome! You are either very self-motivated to be healthy and fit, or the fact that summer is around the corner and you’re insecure about your summer body. Either way, you are awesome. You are most likely missing the gym; and also kind of annoying to be around, you always talk about your workouts and the food you can’t have.. Cause you’re losing weight and gaining muscle ya know :/