Best Value?


Trevor Guernsey, Pro Sled Breaker

Best Value Mountain Sled

        Have you ever wanted to buy a mountain sled, but was intimidated by the price? I may have found the answer. The 2007-2011 Arctic Cat M8 is capable, yet affordable, with a good low-miles one (2,000 miles or less) going for $2500-3500, quite commonly.

        I personally would try and get a 2010-11 one due to having the H.O. motor with higher HP, being lighter and having an upgraded seat with lots of storage.  However, the 2007-09 are still great sleds. 2009 and newer sleds have an upgraded tunnel and adjustable handlebar riser. That generation of M series chassis was also quite robust and well made. Being an older sled, means there should be lots of parts and information available, if you were to run into any issues. 

        For this vintage of M8s, common upgrades are different skis (with a little more floatation), 2010-11 mountain seat (if not already equipped), gas tank, handle bar, and windshield bags. Storage options are fortunately plentiful if you’re a heavy packer (like me), as well as having ample tunnel space for gas can(s) and tunnel bags, if you so, desire. 

        In addition, hot doggers (tin box mounted to your exhaust to heat food) are also an exceptional upgrade to any sled. Ice scratchers are also a good idea if you have a long trail ride to your zone.     


       If the track is worn, I would recommend replacing it with a Power Claw or Challenger Extreme track, due to providing more traction than the stock Challenger track.

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