12 Year Seniors


Shelby Sieminski, Slave

It is not easy transitioning from being a teenager into a young adult about to go out into the world. However, the senior class of Seward High School have had all the support in the world not only from their families and the lovely community but from the individuals in the 2021 class. For many of these students, they have been fortunate enough to grow with the same group of people from kindergarten all the way to senior year. 

It is no doubt that by being a twelve-year senior there is a special bond between all the members of the class. From all the elementary school laughs, The Caine’s Head field trip in fifth grade, and this class was able to blossom into beautiful young adults. 

According to  Calysta Lohman, “We really are a big family and I couldn’t be more grateful to have grown up with them. They are always pushing you to do your best and to go the extra mile in order to be at the top.” 

Growing up with this group has allowed for everyone to feel comfortable expressing themselves and that being different is something that you should never feel ashamed of. The 2021 class is “so diverse.” Many feel they never had to “compete or compare [themselves] to the people around.” 

Sequoia Seiverts felt, “We can be proud of ourselves, and if we aren’t always, there’s always classmates like these ones who are.” For many, the best part about being a twelve year senior is to see how far along everyone has come since being kids, and being proud of all their classmates’ successes. 

Selma Casagranda’s favorite aspect about being a twelve year senior is the “ takeaway that growing with the same group of people for so long [has left] so much room for change, and space to feel completely comfortable in being [her] authentic self while knowing [she] will always have a group of beautiful and smart people” backing her up. 

No matter where these graduates journey from here, they will carry their hometown experiences with them. As Seiverts reflected, “Seward has been embedded into me, and now I get to take that everywhere; characteristics, ideas, and memories of my twelve-year classmates follow closely behind.”


Celebrating 12 years of growing: 


Katelyn Sawyer-Lemme, Selma Casagranda, Gunnar Davis, Lucas Brockman,Sequoia Seiverts, Jared Dean, Levi Deboard, Emmalee DeLand, Lucy Hankins, Malia Hewitt, Aron Kuller, Lani Lackey, Calysta Lohman, Amanda McHone, Collin Mullaly, Kylie Mullaly, Sam Paperman, Clay Petersen, Max Pfeiffenberger, Marisa Phasomsap, Tegan Retzer, and Jordan Sewell!