2021 Wrestling


Peter Spanos, Writer

Wrestling takes a lot of strategy, thinking on the move, and strength to succeed. Wrestlers think fast on their feet, and have to be smart about it too. This is exactly what the Seahawk wrestlers are determined to achieve. 

With a smaller team this year, the wrestlers still look forward to getting dubs. The team has adjusted to new head coach Bryan Mullaly. Sophomore Nathan Hankins says, “He’s a skilled coach and he knows what he is doing.” 

Even though there is success, there has also been some drama within the team. This season there also isn’t a team captain, which may seem a little unorthodox. The team captain provides leadership, and helps mentor the new recruits and teammates. Despite the complications, they still make things work.

Sophomore John VanBuskirk says, “The team is doing very well overall, and has improved greatly since last year.”

I asked freshman Hunter Kurtz what his expectations for the season were going to be like. “I knew it was gonna be tough because everyone is older and more experienced, and getting to know how high school is, along with getting wins along the way.”

The Seahawks have been to multiple wrestling meets so far; the team is off to a great start. Aidan Schilling got first for his class at the ACS tournament, and Hunter Kurtz got third in his class as well! In the Homer meet, Nathan Hankins and John VanBuskirk both got third in their classes, and then Fayzon Lawrence got first in his weight class! 

With state coming up in a few weeks, one of the wrestlers that has a high chance of going is freshman Aidan Schilling. I asked him what it’s like having a good chance at making state for his age. “It’s really cool, and my dad made it to state and won. With him being a champion really gives me the motivation to try and win state as well.”

Wish the wrestlers luck as they continue to fight their way through the season!!!

Senior: Fayzon Lawrence

Junior: Porter Rockwell

Sophomores: John VanBuskirk, Nathan Hankins

Freshman: Jack Gardner, Hunter Kurtz, Tyler Lands. Aidan Schilling