How School Sports Benefit Students


Peter Spanos, Writer

School-sponsored sports can be very beneficial for students’ academic success, and they can also help with kids’ physical and mental health too. Besides being fun, they can have a really positive effect on students. 

Sports have been proven to help students with a variety of things: sleep, anxiety, social skills and just relaxing in general. It helps students get their exercise to stay healthy too. Good mental health is very important for having a healthy lifestyle, and students tend to struggle with that. Thankfully, schools allow these activities to be available for the students. 

Not only do sports help with students’ health, they help create leadership. Sports allow students to learn time management, responsibility, teamwork and myriad traits. I personally think that sports are underlooked as a benefit for students. Some parents take away sports from kids if they have bad grades or get into trouble. Yet it’s one of the things that can really help them to grow and become mentally stronger. Oftentimes, students can struggle with self-esteem; however, a solution is school athletics. Some people are just born with confidence, while others have to figure it out over time. 

School sports can lead to great opportunities for kids as well. I’m not saying that if athletes have talent, they click their heels three times and then they are pro. This takes practice, motivation, and will power. High school sports can lead to athletic scholarships, which can help pay for college. Students who have a lot of talent in these sports can have bright futures in playing pro sports. 

It’s the little things in life that can lead to great success for students. Sports can help students get a good mental mindset. This can help them thrive for success in their future without them even realizing.