Senior Spotlight with Daniel Correa


Genna DeRoos, Staff Writer

Daniel Correa can be found spending time with his high school sweetheart Jazmyn, or  hanging out in the shop with James, his sparking bromance. Daniel has not spent his whole life in Seward, but has seen enough and is ready to experience more. 

After graduation, Daniel plans on working as much as he can, so he can leave Seward and begin some exciting adventures. Daniel currently is a volunteer firefighter, but plans to try out welding. He will remain in Seward for a year or two before moving somewhere with his girlfriend, maybe Washington. He has made the decision to relocate due to the fact that he has already experienced everything Seward has to offer. 

He plans to spend a lot of his life traveling, and one stop in particular that he wants to see is Japan. Japan consists of sites to see and new food to experience. After experiencing the world a little bit, he hopes to have a decent paying job, and a nice apartment or house. 

Daniel has learned some valuable life lessons, one being you can’t always get everything you want, if you don’t give it your all then you probably won’t get it. Never stop trying for something that you want because eventually you will obtain it. He currently is not living the life of his dreams, but is on the right track. 

Something that has stuck with Daniel is You have to grow up, but you don’t have to grow old. Daniel is an open book and there’s not much his peers do not know about him, but let’s look at some cool facts about him. Daniel’s biggest fear is losing his loved ones. When asked Do you think money is important?, his response was, “Yes, for me because I need money to travel and do the things I wanna do.” Some cash will come in handy when he is making his way towards Japan!

Daniel has some super cool plans for the future, and I among my peers are excited to see where his first stop is. Good luck, Daniel.