The Premier Winter Sport


Trevor Guernsey, Outdoor Connoisseur

        Nordic skiing is an excellent way to get out and enjoy crisp winter days. Alaska is blessed with ample snow and lots of exquisite trails. 

     There are typically two different types of Nordic skiing. One of the skiing techniques is classic, which is a shuffling motion. Classic skiing is better suited for ungroomed snow, and it is slower than skate skiing. Skate skiing is faster and is best on groomed trails, as the skating motion used to propel forward involves lifting your feet up. Slightly shorter skis are used for this technique. Both styles have their place depending on conditions and personal preferences.

     The gear needed is boots, skis, and poles. Having decent snow gear is necessary due to the chilly temperatures most skiers will encounter. I would recommend buying gear at REI or Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking if you have the coin. However, nice gear can be found at Play It Again Sports or Facebook Marketplace for a good deal.

     Seward and the surrounding areas have plentiful ski trails for the beginner to advanced skier. Mile 12 is my favorite ski trail. To my knowledge, It is the most difficult groomed ski trail in this area. My second favorite ski trail is Trail River out in Crown Point because of its immense beauty and mild terrain. Exit Glacier and Bear Lake are also great places to ski, but are quite flat which can get boring for an advanced skier.