Senior Spotlight with Shelby Sieminski


Genna DeRoos, Staff Writer

Shelby Sieminski is student activity director, and also was nominated for most school spirit. She has a fun, goofy personality and is very outgoing. Shelby can be found cracking jokes or running around school and taking charge.

After graduation, Shelby is planning on having an awesome summer. In the fall, she will be going to college to either major in biology or kinesiology where she plans to study something with natural medicine or physical therapy. Shelby is currently looking at a school in California called Simpson University and also looking in Arizona, but she has not applied to many. She eventually sees herself coming back to Seward because all of her friends and family are here, but plans to leave for a bit. 

When I asked her what she is passionate about, she responded with “Passionate about weird things that nobody else is passionate about, like right now I am passionate about weiner dogs, hairless cats, otters, songs I sing in my head, and cheetah print.” Shelby is afraid of some unique things such as, “Leopard seals in happy feet, spiders, and sometimes I get stage fright.” When asked what makes you the happiest, she responded with “Going on hikes with my mom makes me really happy, and funny animals, and also snacks, and brushing my teeth, love when Mexican people say chips.”

Something that has stuck with Shelby is Lydia’s senior quote, “Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice.”  That is great advice to take with you. She often compares herself to the expectations that she has for herself, but does not compare herself to anyone in particular. Something that we do not know about Shelby is that she ate ramen with her dog on the deck the other day. Stuff that is on pause in Shelby’s life right now are “a lot of unfinished projects in art” because she has “been prioritizing other things.”

 If Shelby got to say one thing for an incoming freshman to hear, it would be, “Not be too cool for school and put yourself out there and try things and not to be so reserved.”

Shelby has some exciting plans for the future, and I and many of my peers are excited to see the adventures she takes on this summer, and her future. Good luck, Shelby.