Senior Spotlight with Marcus Lastimosa

Genna DeRoos, Staff Writer

Marcus Lastimosa, voted class clown which definitely fits him. He can be found either playing video games or at the gym. Marcus enjoys hanging out with his friends, looking at memes, and taking his dog Biggie out for walks. 

After graduation, Marcus plans to begin his studies in the HVAC field. He hopes to “get his money up, not his funny up”. He had to choose this career because it is a good paying job, and “so [he] didn’t end up in a box somewhere.” AVTEC has a good electrician course to take and it is the easiest out of all the choices offered. 

Marcus does not plan on relocating in the future; he enjoys Seward because it’s isolated from the rest, traffic is not bad, and another factor is all his friends are here. He does hope to take some trips around the world, and Greenland is one of his top destination choices. 

Some facts about Marcus is that he is afraid of open oceans and being hopeless in a situation, and kind of scared of heights. Marcus’s goal is to not be poor in life, and to make a decent living. He looks up to his grandfather since he has raised him his whole life. 

When asked what is one of your funniest moments he said, “Getting arrested by my football coach and having practice the next day.”  He recently learned that he cares about things more often than not. Currently, mostly everything is on hold in Marcus’ life, but he hopes to change that soon. 

Marcus has some cool plans for the future, and I among my peers are excited to watch from the sidelines. Good luck, Marcus.