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The Student News Site of Seward High School

SHS Today

The Student News Site of Seward High School

SHS Today

Almost Getting Lost On Lost Lake


The day after Christmas, my buddy and I went up to Lost Lake. We love to go into secret meadows and find good snow. We found this spot with tons of little meadows. It was awesome. The snow was great in the trees. We then found a drainage and a smaller meadow, but we decided not to drop in and save it for the next day. 

The following day, we went up with a few more people. We told them about our secret spot and that we should drop there. First, we went to some other fantastic riding areas. We tracked them all up and decided to drop into the secret spot. 

You could barely see the meadow through the trees. You had to descend down into it and then do a little side hill to avoid hitting a clump of trees. Cameron was the first to drop in there. He was the best rider out of all of us and dropped right into it. Once we got in there, it was unreal. No one had dropped in there all year, so the snow was deep. We tracked it out and had some fun doing Re-entries on our sleds. 

Then came the most challenging part. We were getting ourselves out of that predicament. There were two ways to get out of there. One way was how we got down, which was trenched out and had a sharp corner. The second option was through the super steep trees. 

Cameron shot up through the trees with no problem. Then Nathan tried to make it the way we came down. He got stuck right in the middle of it. Casey tried to go through the trees but didn’t make it far since he had a 146-inch track. Tyler had gotten stuck by Nathan trying to go up the trail. 

I shot up through the trees, and my sled was straight up and down. I jumped from side to side so my sled wouldn’t hit any trees. I made it to the top and almost smoked a tree. But my sled went right beside it, thank god. 

I then walked to Casey to help him get his sled out. Then, we all helped each other get out and made it out of the meadow. It was getting later in the day, so we were glad to make it out of that meadow before dark. We will go there once we get a lot of snow because of the trenches we have created.

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    TrevorJan 29, 2024 at 7:52 am

    What a story!