Bird Box


Daisy Terry, Writer

The movie Bird Box has experienced major success and coverage. Even if you have not seen the movie, you probably have heard of it. Perhaps you are aware of the many memes of Sandra Bullock in a blindfold, or the popular Bird Box challenge: videos of people trying to do everyday tasks wearing blindfolds. While many people know of the movie, few know the true origin and inspiration.

The Bird Box novel by Josh Malerman was the beginning of this phenomenon. This thriller book engaged fans of Stephen King and had been nominated for several awards. The novel was released in 2014 and movie in 2018. Accurate book to movie adaptations are hard to come by, but Bird Box is able to achieve something few others can. Both the novel and movie are highly recommended and enjoyed.

So what happens in the book? It follows the story of Malorie with her are two children, Boy and Girl, and flashes between past and present. Malorie called them Boy and Girl because she feels like a name is a luxury. Together, they run from the unseen monsters. The monsters use sight to target the people, causing them to commit suicide. The only people “immune” are the ones deemed insane. Most people wear blindfolds to prevent them from seeing the monsters. Birds can sense the monsters, and because of that, people keep them as warning signs. Malorie wants a safe place for her and the kids, somewhere they can see the sky, something they have never experienced.

 Thrilling, suspenseful and at some time borderline scary, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat.