A Different Kind of Team


Team Picture 2015-16

What is DDF? DDF stands for Drama, Debate and Forensics, an academic sport geared towards putting your own interpretation on a societal/political issue or a work of art. Whether you’re a public speaker or an actor, passionate about issues of the world or just want to share your story, DDF has something to offer everyone. Interested? You’re in luck; the season has just started!

For many, participating in an academically interactive sport is a creative way to express themselves. For junior Ayla Lapinskas who has been participating in the sport for seven years, it “is a support system that has helped [her] battle the rough high school society.” For others, it has “brightened [their] outlook on [their] future,” such as it has for junior Shelby Schoening.  DDF helps kids find their place and passion. “With DDF [teens gain] skills that benefit [their] college applications, confidence, and skill set,” says Ayla. Both of these young girls began DDF at different times, yet have gained individually enlightening experiences. And for any new people afraid to take the leap, freshman Lindy Guernsey shares her reason behind joining was “because [she] was encouraged by friends who explained the lightheartedness of the environment.” From personal experience, I have gained all of the above in my eight year career and can’t imagine the individual I would be without it; it is a part of me.

Our first meet will take place October 28th and 29th in Homer. If you are even slightly interested, the time to join is now! The team is excited for the upcoming season and would love to share that excitement with others. We are looking forward to another great season.