2020 Seahawk Football


Max Pfeiffenberger, Sports Expert

The 2019 football season was surrounded by drama. From nearly being cancelled to coaching conspiracies to an 0-8 record, it seemed like 2019 could be the last season for Seward football. With a coaching change and some new enthusiastic players, the Seahawks are looking to turn the program around in the 2020 campaign. 

The previous coaches had been at Seward High since at least 2011. They have operated under the same offensive and defensive tactics the entire time. This year, the Seahawks have a new look. On offense, they are running different formations with player options. On the defensive side, they have a similar setup with a few tweaks and new philosophies. The players seem to like the new coaching staff, and what they have to offer. Senior, Jacob Wendt, had this to say, “They are doing their job well. I like what they are doing with the team.”

The first game of the season was against Homer. Seward lost 8-48, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Both teams battled it out in the first quarter, and going into the second they were tied 0-0. Unfortunately, the second quarter was full of Mariners scoring. They put up forty points in just twelve minutes. Thankfully, in the fourth quarter, Jordan Sewell scored the only touchdown for the Seahawks by recovering a Homer fumble, and striding into the endzone. Elmo Lackey then ran the ball in for the two point conversion. Overall, the second half was 8-8.

This is a common conflict for young sport teams, such as your Seward Seahawks, with only four seniors, four juniors, and five lower classmen. They played a solid game overall, but had a lapse in the second quarter, which led to a lopsided score. If you were to take the second quarter out of the game, it would have ended with a low score of 8-8. If the Seahawks can play like they did in the other three quarters, they could potentially win some games.

Freshman Kupono Albino is really looking forward to “winning a game” this season. Whether they win or lose, the chemistry among the team will make the season fun either way. For instance, senior Jacob Wendt is most looking forward to “playing the sport with the boys”.

Seward’s next couple football games will both be against Nikiski. They travel there this week; then Nikiski comes here next week. The Seahawks are looking to get their first W of the season against the Bulldogs. Be sure to wish a football player good luck this week, and go watch them play next week.