Seward Seahawk Football


Shelly Sewell

Team huddles up for the next play.

Shelly Sewell, Sports Writer

The season for Seward Seahawk football has been a non-stop thrill! Whether it’s a game on the road or on our home field, these players have been working hard. The community helped out with snack shack or on the sidelines cheering on the boys through the game.

Homer vs. Seward on September 21st  ended the game with the score 21-20 — Homer Mariners taking the win. Seward had a strong fight against Homer with scoring  touchdowns by Gabe Shrock and Chris Kingsland. Also, Shayne Sullivan ran with extra-point conversions. Although, there was an issue when refs kept a hold of the ball for the last five seconds to just end the game. Both football teams gathered together after and prayed, being grateful for the opportunity to play each other. These details are what makes the game important for the teams and audience. On the sidelines, the support and team spirit of the Seahawk volleyball team cheered on the boys with eagerness. Senior Beau Freiberg  commented,  “Overall, I was pleased on how we worked as a team and how we overcame everything, being down the whole game and trying to come back.”

Seahawks lined up for the play
Photographer: Todd Brewer. Seahawks lined up for the offensive play.

Current record for the Seward Seahawks is 2-6, but in the conference it is 0-4. The conference includes teams like Houston, Ketchikan, Nikiski, and Homer. The start of the season  had  true rival games with Nikiski on our homecoming, and the following weekend’s game for Homer’s homecoming night. The team has been offensively changing the game and becoming more aggressive. Even at the end of the season, they continued fighting towards the last game against Ketchikan.

Photographer: Todd Brewer. Beau Freiberg has a hold of the ball.

Co-captain Beau Freiberg  explained that being involved with football has helped him stay in shape and be better at socializing with other people on the field, such as coaches and friends.  Beau also reflected on the upcoming game against Ketchikan.”I feel like knowing that we are not in the playoffs, and they [Ketichkan] are not going to play their stronger players … it’s going to be a more fun game.”  This is because in past games they had to “take it seriously to make it to playoffs.” Beau continues to explain that “being out of it makes it more fun.” They are “only sending thirteen kids up to Ketchikan.” He feels “like it’s going to be a harder game basically because you’re going to be tired more, but it’s going to be more fun playing it than past games.”

Photographer: Riley Von borstel. Christopher Kingsland senior and Co-captain.

In an interview with co-captain senior Christopher Kingsland, he shares his experience of high school football. Chris describes how his four years have definitely molded his character and have impacted his future. After graduating, Chris is planning  to keep playing football at University of Minnesota, Morris.

On September 28th, the Seahawks played Ketchikan for their last game. Chris commented, “The first half wasn’t so great but second half was the best we ever played… the score was 40-50… I blocked a couple passes that ran for touchdowns.”

At the end of the season, conference coaches vote for athletes based on their performances. First team all-conference recognition goes to Beau Freiberg, Christopher Kingsland, Steven Harshman, and Collin Mullaly. The second team awards are Christopher Kingsland, Steven Harshman, Gabe Shrock, Jordan Sewell, Collin Mullaly, and Beau Freiberg. Then honorable mention of the conference goes to Thomas Ooka and Tommy Cronin.

The finale of the season has had great highlights, new upcoming freshmen, and senior spotlights. Highlights of the football season feature touchdowns, kickoffs, and the boys dominating the field. These freshmen are making a solid impact on the team’s performance,  and showing a great development for their first year. Finally, the Seahawks deeply appreciate the seniors’ contributions, performances, and sportsmanship.